Today’s special: stenosis and arteries

Characteristic signs and symptoms of aortic stenosis are:

S: Syncope
A: Angina
D: Dyspnea (exertion)

Always forgetting  a couple of those atherosclerosis risk factors?
Check whether your patient got on the wrong side of the “SHIFTMAID”:

S: Smoking
H: Hypertension
I: Insulin (i.e. diabetes)
F: Family history
T: Triglycerdides & fats
M: Male
A: Age
I: Inactivity
D: Diet & Drink

To treat stable angina, remember:


A: Aspirin, ACE-inhibitors, antianginals
B: B-blockers and BP
C: Cholesterol and cigarettes
D: Diet and diabetes
E: Education and exercise


The last item on today’s menu brought to you by the PunkyBrewster.

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