Embryology special: Terrible twos

On this 2nd day of June, The Weekly Mnemonic is all about twos. Enjoy these 2 well-known mnemonics that make use of the number “2”.

DiGeorge syndrome, also known as the 22q11.2 syndrome, has a variable presentation and the possible presenting features can be remembered as a “CATCH-22”:

C: Cardiac abnormalities (e.g. tetralogy of Fallot)
A: Abnormal facial features
T: Thymic aplasia
C: Cleft palate
H: Hypoparathyroidism/Hypocalcemia

22: The chromosomal anomaly involved is a deletion on the 22nd chromosome

Meckel’s Diverticulum can be well described using the “rule of twos”:

2% percent of the population
2 times more common in males
2 years is commonly the age of presentation
2 feet proximal from the ileocecal valve
2 types of ectopic tissue can be found: gastric and pancreatic


Thanks for reading!

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