The shocking edition

Remembering the different types of shock is shockingly easy!

S: Septic
H: Hypovolemic
O: Obstructive
C: Cardiogenic
K: Anaphylactic (The “K” is for the hard “C” in “lactic“)

I’ve seen the following mnemonic for the causes of acute pancreatitis in a few places and it certainly gets points for creativity. “I GET SMASHED”:

I: Idiopathic

G: Gallstones
E: Ethanol
T: Trauma

S: Steroids
M: Microbiological (namely, Mumps)
A: Autoimmune (e.g. SLE, Crohn’s)
S: Scorpion bite
H: Hyperlipidemia (also hypercalcemia, hypothermia)
D: Drugs


Happy Father’s Day and thanks for reading!

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