B vitamins

If you are like me, you probably have to resort to google every time you come across the B vitamins. I finally got fed up enough to make a memory aid for the purpose of remembering which B vitamin is which, in ascending order. Since B12 is found in meat products, the mnemonic tells the story of a chef ordering his sous-chef around over a plate of ribs. :)

“These ribs need paprika. Pile it on boy. Faster, come!”

These: Thiamine = B1

Ribs: Riboflavin = B2

Need: Niacin = B3

Paprika: Pantothenic acid = B5

Pyle: Pyridoxine = B6

Boy: Biotin = B7

Faster: Folate = B9

Come: Cobalamine = B12


To those in Quebec, I hope you had a wonderful St. Jean!

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