Hungry for more mnemonics? Thought so.

After a two week hiatus, The WM brings you  mnemonics with a food theme to satisfy the  minds of all those hungry learners out there.


Anti-arrhythmics are tricky to remember and here is one I came across on USMLE world for the class I anti-arrhythmics: “Double Quarter Pounder/ Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo/ More Fries Please!”

“Class Ia: Double Quarter Pounder

Double = Disopyramide
Quarter = Quinidine
Pounder = Procainamide

“Class Ib: Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo

Lettuce = Lidocaine
Tomato = Tocainide
Mayo = Mexiletine

“Class Ic: More Fries, PleaseMoricizine, Flecainide, Propafenone

More = Moricizine
Fries = Flecainide
Please = Propafenone

Leah submitted another great mnemonic this week for the most common tumours metastatic to bone:

“BLT with a Kosher Pickle”
B = Breast
L = Lung
T = Thyroid
Kosher = Kidney
Pickle = Prostate


Thanks for reading! Good luck to all the poor souls who are already getting ready to go back to school!

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