Physical exam- Joints and JVP

This week, we have two mnemonics you can use for remembering components of the physical exam.

1) For the examination of any joint, remember to go “WEST”:

W = Warmth
E = Erythema
S = Swelling
T = Tenderness

2) And since it is practically impossible to go through your internal medicine rotation without being asked the features of the JVP,  rebch has submitted a very useful mnemonic with the following message

You won’t have to “BARPH” when your senior puts you on the spot to find the JVP ever again with this mnemonic!

B= Biphasic
A = Ablatable
R = Respiration (lowers with inspiration)
P = Positional 
H = Hepatojugular reflex


Hopefully you will find this to be helpful on the wards! Have a great week!!

Special thanks to rebch for sharing her awesome and creative memory aid.

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