Treatment algorithms for lung disease: BLOP and RIPE

Happy November everyone! Today we focus on mnemonics for the treatment of dyspnea and tuberculosis.

“BLOP” is a cute mnemonic I learned from a staff physician to remember what to give your patient who is presenting with dyspnea. Sometimes we can’t be sure whether the cause of the shortness of breath is pulmonary or cardiac. Therefore, you may end up treating for both and giving your patient some “BLOP” therapy:

B = B2-adrenergic agonist (e.g. salbutamol)
L = Lasix (aka furosemide)
O = Oxygen
P = Prednisone

We are now all aware that tuberculosis is not just a historical disease (I have seen a couple of cases myself) and the first-line agents for its treatment are commonly remembered by the mnemonic “RIPE”:

R = Rifampin
I = Isoniazid (aka INH)
P = Pyrazinamide (aka PZA)
E = Ethambutol

Hopefully these will be useful to you all on the wards!


Have a great week!! Thank you all for reading.

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