Fever (part 1)

This week, the theme is “fever”. First is a really nice mnemonic to remember the major criteria for rheumatic fever. You may recall that the clinical diagnosis of rheumatic fever is based on the Jones criteria which includes both major and minor criteria which are evaluated in making the diagnosis. The second is a memory trick to remember some important statistics for febrile seizures. It could be useful trivia if you are quizzed or if you need to provide anxious parents information about a febrile seizure their child has undergone.

Major criteria for rheumatic fever: “JONES”

J = Joints (i.e. polyarthritis)

O = Obvious (i.e. the criteria you would not forget, carditis)

N = Nodules (i.e. subcutaneous nodules)

E = Erythema marginatum

S = Sydenham’s chorea

Rule of fives for febrile seizures:

5% of children between the ages of 5 months and 5 years.


Thanks for reading!! Don’t be shy to share any study tricks you may have.

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