Scoring and risk stratification (part 3)

What is the risk of stroke after a TIA? You can use the ABCD2 score to determine whether a patient is likely to suffer froma  subsequent stroke in the 7 days following the TIA.

A = Age (1 point if >60 yo)

B = Blood pressure (1 point if BP > 140/90)

C = Clinical features (1 point if speech disturbance without unilateral weakness, 2 points if unilateral weakness)

D = Duration of TIA (1 point if symptoms last 10 to 59 minutes, 2 points if they last >1 hour)

D = Diabetes (1 point if diabetes present)

A score of 1-3 is low risk (1.2% at 7 days)

A score of 4-5 is moderate risk (5.9% at 7 days)

A score of 6 or 7 is high risk (11.7% at 7 days)

See the Lancet article here.

For a summary table on how to use the scores, click here.


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