This week we present two mnemonics related to non-healing. “FETID” provides a differential for a non-healing fistula and “TIME” is handy mnemonic to know when dealing with a chronic wound.

FETID for fistula*

F = Foreign body

E = Epithelialization if the fistulas tract

T = Tumor

I = Infection/Inflammation

D = Distal Obstruction

TIME for non-healing wound*:

T = Tissue is non-viable or deficient

I = Infection or Inflammation

M = Moisture imbalance (i.e. too dry or too wet)

E = Edge of is wound is non-advancing or undermining


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FETID was taken from Pestana’s surgical notes and TIME was taken from the following link.


One thought on “Healing

  1. Hey Nicole,

    Currently doing palliative care… there is a great list of 5 As for opioid prescription

    Periodic review and documentation for Opioids from Dr Lapointe’s palliative care opioid lecture •Analgesia (pain relief, VAS scale) •Activities of daily living (physical and psychosocial function) •Adverse effects and remedies •Aberrant drug-taking behaviour (and your response) •Accurate medication record

    Rebecca Cherniak

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