Your submissions

Thanks to those who submitted suggestions to TheWeeklyMnemonic in the past month.

One reader suggested the “AMERICA” mnemonic for the TIMI risk score which was previously posted here. It is always nice to review things that we have forgotten!

Rebecca shared an equally practical mnemonic for the management of opioid prescriptions for chronic pain. She obtained this from her palliative care course. The mnemonic in question is the “5A Opioid monitoring tool“, which is summarized below. You may refer to this link for a PDF which goes into more detail on how to use one version of the 5As.

• Analgesia (i.e. degree of pain relief provided by the opioids)

• Activities of daily living (i.e. the patient’s physical and psychosocial function)

• Adverse effects and remedies for these (i.e. constipation, nausea, etc.)

• Aberrant drug-taking behaviour (i.e. abuse/misuse)

• Accurate medication record


Thanks for the contributions. Keep them coming! Have a great week.

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