7 signs to a wet lung

This week, instead of a mnemonic, let’s talk about what it means for a chest X-ray to “look wet”. If you know of a memory trick to remember these signs of pulmonary edema, please share! Here are the 7 signs of a “wet lung”:

1) The classic “bat wing” pattern (i.e. fluffy appearance of alveolar infiltrates in a wing- like distribution around the heart)

2) Cephalization of the pulmonary vessels (i.e. vessels in the upper chest are more prominent)

3) Air bronchograms (i.e. the dark air-filled spaces of the bronchi are outlined by the fluid of the alveoli)

4) Peribronchial cuffing (i.e. bronchial wall thickening from fluid)

5) Kerley B lines (i.e. septal lines of 1-2 cm at the lung periphery)

6) Enlarged cardiac silhouette

7) Pleural effusions


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