Fetal monitoring

During delivery, you’ll most certainly be asked to keep an eye on the fetal heart monitoring strip.

“VEAL CHOP” is a memory trick to remember what each of the patterns mean. The first word of the mnemonic, “veal”, represents the different patterns you may observe. The second word, “chop”, tells you what each pattern indicates about the state of the fetus. The first letter of “veal” corresponds with the first letter of “chop”, the second letter of “veal” corresponds with the second letter of “chop”. etc.

V = variable

E = early accelerations

A = accelerations

L = late decelerations

C = cord compression

H = head compression

O = OK (i.e. it’s all good!)

P = placental insufficiency

“HELP VC” is another one you can use to remember the causes of decelerations

HE = head compression –>early

LP = late–>placental insufficiency

VC = variable–> cord compression


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