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Hello TheWeeklyMnemonic readers,

Back from my blog vacation. Posts will trickle in more regularly again. I will make my best efforts to stay true to the “weekly” nature of the blog.

This week, I would like to provide you with some additional resources you can use for supplementing your studies.

  • Shola Vaughn, a dermatology resident, is running a website all about helping medical students through their sometimes-challenging medical studies. Here is a link to her impressive body of work: SholaMD
  • Sketchy medicine is a fun website I enjoy checking out once in a while. Partly for the useful tidbits of information and partly because of the quircky sketches.
  • For those looking for a relief from your studies but want some medicine-related entertainment, check out the facebook group “Today at MedSchool” which has some funny real-life anecdotes pertaining to the everyday lives as medical professionals.

What resources do you like to use to study? If you know of a good one or would like to share the one you have created, contact us or comment below.


That’s it for this week folks!

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