Coffee for strep throat

Have you ever had to look up the modified Centor criteria when someone comes to you with a possible strep throat? You will have to look no more once you know the mnemonic “Old CAFE”. The WM is pretty sure it doesn’t exist elsewhere, so it just might be an exclusive one. :)

Old = Age

C = Cervical lymphadenopathy

A = Absence of cough

F = Fever

E = Exudates in the tonsillar region

Here is how to calculate the modified Centor criteria:

Age < 15 = +1 point

Age > 44 = -1 point

All the rest of the “CAFE” criteria = + 1 point

Here is how to use the modified Centor criteria:

-1 to 1 point = No testing, no antibiotics

2 to 3 points = Perform a culture, give antibiotics if culture positive

4 to 5 = Treat empirically with antibiotics +/- culture

Please click here to the following article for more information on pharyngitis guidelines.


Have a great week and happy studies.

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